I'm going to the C.I.A. for my sixty-fifth.

Happy birthday to me, any advice from the cooking crew? Ted said,



bugbitten May 20, 2014
Thanks, guys. I just posted my experience as a new question to the Hotline. I did it!
Pegeen April 11, 2014
Bugbitten, maybe they let students use their own knives after they inspect them?

I'm sure they'll keep you busy but maybe you'll get to see some of the area while you're there. The FDR Home and the Vanderbilt Mansion are very interesting if you like history. Rhinebeck is a charming old town. I'm so jealous! Maybe you could write a Column on the experience for Food52?
bugbitten April 11, 2014
Carla, the course is what they call Boot Camp. The term is derived from the basic training one get's in the first days in the military. http://enthusiasts.ciachef.edu/boot-camp-faqs/
The core idea (as I understand) is to cover the basic techniques of sauté, braise, roasting, etc. Much knife work, I'm sure. Certainly I'll be eating well, and lots of help with the clean-up!
CarlaCooks April 11, 2014
Alas, no checkered pants :) The school provides an apron, but we are free to wear whatever pants we'd like. London summer weather is so iffy that I'll probably bring several options to make sure I'm either warm or cool enough. Here is the course I'll be doing: http://www.leiths.com/enthusiasts-courses/one-week-intermediate-course1/. What course are you taking at CIA?
bugbitten April 11, 2014
Hello, CarlaCooks. Thanks for the kind regards. At Leith's, will you be sporting any checkerboard pants? Best to you in either case.
CarlaCooks April 11, 2014
How exciting! For my 30th, I'm taking a week-long course at Leith's in London. I emailed them about bringing my own knifes but they said they would provide everything and to not bother. I hope you enjoy your time at CIA!
bugbitten April 11, 2014
Thanks, Peg O' My Heart, it is an awesome present. Not sure if I should bring my own paring and chef's knives over to Hyde Park, or go with the loaners they offer, probably Victorianox. I know I'll miss the sound mine make when they hit the countertop.
Funny comment about the checkerboard pants. If I measure the gift according to the pants, it's about a thousand per leg. Five days, though!
Pegeen April 10, 2014
What an awesome gift for a special birthday. I don't get the checkerboard pants but otherwise, how cool is this? Hope you have a great time.
bugbitten April 10, 2014
Thank you, Tarragon. I don't know if this course will be under or over my abilities. About all I know is that I get a chef's uniform.
When it's done, I'll try to give something of a report. Best
Tarragon April 10, 2014
No advice, but I am so jealous - I always wanted to attend the CIA bootcamp Happy Birthday!
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