Can nonfat plain greek yogurt be substituted for nonfat plain yogurt in a casserole dish?

Molliann Stocks


LeBec F. April 13, 2014
BTW, i don't cook with NON fat yoghurt because of the wateriness and separation problems; i cook with Greek, or LOW fat if i have to.
LeBec F. April 13, 2014
In fact, your dish will prob come out much better if you DO use greek yoghurt, because GY is much thicker than regular yoghurt(even thicker than most sour cream), and does not separate iirc.
Molliann S. April 11, 2014
Thanks a bunch, Will!
will April 11, 2014
If it's just for a casserole and you'll be combining it with lots of different ingredients, it probably won't be an issue. Consistency and water content are the only differences between the two. If it's for an uncooked condiment, then it might be somewhat of a problem because the sauce will end up much thinner if you use plain non-Greek yogurt. But I doubt it'll be a problem!
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