Greek Yogurt in Turkey Burgers, ie Greek Yogurt Panade without the Flour?

As a paleo eater with a no-red-meat-eating wife, I've been spending a lot of time trying to figure out way to make juicy turkey burgers. Can anyone tell me what effect putting whole plain Greek yogurt from a recipe I read (, but without the flour part of the panade that she recommends, will have?


My thinking was influenced by this other recipe post that I read on the Salty Kitchen cooking blog (, whose #1 trick is to "SKIP THE FLOUR SUBSTITUTE."


Fwiw, I am making three pounds of ground turkey and put three eggs in the mix already, as part of the previous recipe I was building on, so there is a binder in my mix, unlike the Salty Kitchen recipe.




Lori T. March 28, 2019
I've added whole fat yogurt to lean ground turkey to help keep it moist, with good results. I didn't add in any bread or crumbs either. The other thing to look at is when you add in the salt. Adding salt to ground meat in the mixing process not only seasons the meat all the way through, it helps the proteins in the meat to stick together a bit better. If your grind is really lean, you might add in a bit of almond flour instead of crumbs.
Melissa M. March 27, 2019
If you grate an apple in the mixture it will keep it moist, skin as well.
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