Where do you get sushi grade fish in Philly??

  • Posted by: pableu
  • April 16, 2014


je M. April 18, 2014
I was literally just asking myself this same question five minutes ago, and I remembered walking around in South Philly the other week and saw Ippolito's Seafood. Just looked at their yelp page (seriously not five minutes ago, before I came to this website and found your question), http://www.yelp.com/biz/ippolitos-seafood-philadelphia-4, and they seem to have good reviews. Not sure about sushi grade fish, but it's worth giving them a call.
ATG117 April 17, 2014
Where in philly are you? Unfortunately, I have yet to find a fish store that I love in my area; they just don't exist. So my options have been the farmers market on Saturday, Whole Foods, or Dibrunos (but I've been disappointed by the latter). I've sometimes considered asking a place like Zama whether they have any other recs, but have yet to do so
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