Asian gravlax and other salmon recipes

I'm trying to eat more salmon but my gf and I don't love it, though we do love smoked salmon, gravlax and raw sushi-grade. We've been making gravlax lately but am trying to change things up by mixing in Asian flavours (ginger, soy, sesame, miso etc). Does anyone know if I can just add these sort of ingredients to my cure would that work? Is so should I only use dried spices/flavours? I'd also like some suggestions for salmon recipes that would help mask the strong flavour of the fish if anyone has good ones




inpatskitchen January 7, 2015
Here's a green tea cured salmon with Asian flavors:
Susan W. January 7, 2015
You definitely can make an Asian style gravlax. I think it sounds delicious. You can use fresh ginger along with some coriander seed and white pepper added to the sugar and salt mixture normally used. The recipe I saw put cilantro under and on top of the fish as well. If you google Asian Gravlax, you will pull up recipes.

Soy, miso, mirin, honey, ginger and garlic make a great glaze for roasted salmon. I think there is a recipe on this site that you can search for using the search function at the top of this page. It may have been an eggplant glaze and I used it for salmon.

I so understand how you feel about salmon. I like it raw, cooked over a wood fire or with strong Asian flavors.
CanadaDan January 7, 2015
ok good to know. i was worried fresh ginger would mess with the cure since i'm trying to pull out the moisture i thought that something wet like ginger might hurt it but i guess i can try and see what happens. I'd really like to incorporate some miso but I'm not too sure how that would work
Susan W. January 7, 2015
The ginger isn't that much different than fresh dill. You should pull up a recipe so you can see how much is used.

I love miso...not sure how that could be incorporated, but I'll bet it could be. Maybe making a paste with it along with the sugar and salt. Or...maybe a dipping sauce for the salmon when you serve it.

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