Sushi-grade tuna

We are part of a fish CSA and just learned that tomorrow's pickup will have sushi-grade tuna. I was thinking of doing a sort of sushi rice bowl but wanted your input. Ideas? What should we do with this lovely piece of fish tomorrow for dinner?

  • Posted by: Jen
  • September 27, 2016


Jen September 29, 2016
Thank you so much! We did a sort of poke bowl. Because it was last minute (the CSA setup is great for spontaneity but not go great for non-standard staples) we didn't have the seaweed but it turned out fantastic anyway.

Can't wait to see what's up next.
QueenSashy September 29, 2016
I am probably late to the party, but... If it is a true sushi grade, I would do some sort of tuna tartare. Say sesame oil and yuzu kosho, and perhaps a touch of heat...
nutcakes September 29, 2016
I might make this sushi rice salad and serve it on top or the side, seared or completely raw is up to you. This salad is so delicious and is fine slightly warm or at room temp.
Sam1148 September 28, 2016
I've found that sushi grade tuna isn't always worthy of sushi or shashimi. Even from reliable sources like the Whole Foods counter.
So have a back up plan if it has a wiff of fish and not ocean.
If you have an asain store near by crust it with Sansho powder and quickly sear it rare on the inside.
Sansho is related to szechuan pepper corns but is the milder version that is the leaf of a similar plant.
pierino September 28, 2016
I would love to see skate wings arrive in a CSA box. They are. really hard to find without a special order.
Jen September 28, 2016
Thank you! I love the idea of a poke bowl!
Susan W. September 28, 2016
I meant to tell you that I'm totally jealous of your fish CSA. I just joined a grass fed beef and heritage pork (sort of) CSA. A seafood version would make me all giddy.
Jen September 28, 2016
It is wonderful! We've only been doing it for about 6 months or so and I look forward to each pick-up date. The fish is amazing and I'm learning so much about what's going on in our oceans. If you're in the SF Bay area, I highly recommend checking out Real Good Fish.
Greenstuff September 29, 2016
Thanks for the review of Real Good Fish. I've been thinking of giving them a go. Like you say, they are providing a lot of information about ecology and fisheries as well as distributing some "really good fish" and shellfish.
Susan W. September 29, 2016
Footnotes, I'm in Portland, Oregon. It's a great food town, so you've motivated me to search for a seafood CSA.
Susan W. September 28, 2016
Phil is on the right track as far as my tastes go. Poke is my favorite dish to have with raw tuna. It really celebrates the fish without overwhelming it.

Here is a really good version from Serious Eats. Be careful of the onion if you can't find a truly sweet onion. The link to the recipe is at the end of the article.
PHIL September 28, 2016
I like the grill idea but since it is such good tuna why not try Poke? Here is a recipe on this site; They use Octopus but you could sub it with Tuna
Olives A. September 28, 2016
You can sear a block of it over stovetop fire until brown (make sure inside stays raw) slice, place on top of mesclun salad and serve with wasabi soy dressing, or you can marinate the block in white wine and soy sauce (at ratio of 1 : 1) for 30-60 min, slice and top it on a bowl of white or brown rice (short grain works better here) with chopped scallions sprinkled on top.
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