We were gifted some beautiful yellowfin tuna steaks caught by our neighbor - what would you do?!

Our neighbor deep-sea fishes a few times a year and brought us back some incredible yellowfin tuna. It was frozen right after being filleted. He indicated to us it was sushi grade and we could thaw and eat it raw, or give it a quick sear on the grill. We have plenty to try a few different recipes over the next few weeks. It's high enough quality that I don't think I want to make something very overpowering or complex - we want to taste the flavor prominently.

So, what would you do?

And, given the explosion of spring produce hitting our area right now (including wild things such as ramps and morels), how might you try and use those with the tuna?

Nick Kenny


ChefJune April 18, 2018
I would grill them (RARE) with no other seasoning than lime juice and fresh ground black pepper. Then I'd do a quick sauté of those morels and ramps.
What time is dinner? ;-)
HalfPint April 18, 2018
As you say, I wouldn't do much to it if it's a good quality. That said, I immediately thought that such a nice fresh tuna would make a great crudo like this one:

Or a poke like this one:

So jelly!
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