Just cracked my third egg with two yolks. The recipe calls for 4 yolks. Did I have enough after the second yolk?



S W. May 8, 2014
My chicken eggs are often double ( old girls). Treat th egg as if it were single yolk, taking into consideration the size of the egg. Google egg sizes, I think a large egg is 1/4 cup, so measure your eggs according to size, not single or double yolk. Double yolk is usually two smaller yolks and the same amount of white that would go with those. Measurement will be more accurate.
Monita April 20, 2014
If the first 2 eggs give you 4 separate yolks then you are ok. But if you need 4 whites too then you will need a 4th egg. A large egg yolk weighs about 2/3 oz so if you have a scale you can measure
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