What will eggs added to my stuffing do?

I make a yeast raised cornbread and sausage stuffing. This year I'm wondering if I should add an egg or two or two yolks to the stock that I moisten it with?

Denise Jarman


Maurine H. November 24, 2021
Hello hello! I bake a lot and think of eggs this way: the whites lend lightness and lift (say that five times fast), while the yolks add fat (aka flavor). Yolks can also act as an emulsifier, binding liquids and fats together—kinda like mustard in a vinaigrette. And of course, eggs, certainly thicken things.

I don't think eggs are 100% necessary in stuffing, but the one I make uses 'em, and I swear by it! https://food52.com/recipes/78194-brown-butter-stuffing

I say go for it and take votes around the Thanksgiving table on which is better :)
Denise J. November 24, 2021
Thanks. I think I'm going to try two yolks added to the moistening broth with just a skoche more stock and see if it binds together a bit more and yet still stays creamy and nice.
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