How long does fresh turmeric last and how do you store it


Mornalee H. December 7, 2018
I've had fresh turmeric in the freezer for about 5 years now. When I take it out to use it, it's softer but still tastes like turmeric.
A H. May 23, 2017
Tumeric and Garlic farmer in central North Carolina, website is
foofaraw July 17, 2016
If it is really fresh, my mom likes to store it in the potted soil, let it grow, and dig and take however much you need =)

Same with ginger.
kelly July 17, 2016
How to Store
Fresh turmeric can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three weeks if it is left unpeeled. The fresh rhizomes store well if kept dry in the refrigerator - wipe dry if they are damp, then wrap with a paper towel before placing in a zip lock plastic bag.
Scott H. March 23, 2016
There is an awesome Asian market in Stallins NC. They have very fresh turmeric and the best ginger anywhere. They also most all Asian vegetables that are fresh. There is also an even better one in Charlotte just past Matthews on 74/Indepence Blvd.
circe801 October 27, 2015
i've recently moved to south carolina (suburb of charlotte, nc) and cannot obtain fresh ANYWHERE--not even at the 'earth fare' market. i did find an asian market (thank the gods--i needed dried black mushrooms and cloud ear DESPERATELY) in charlotte, less than 20 miles away that has frozen turmeric AND galangal--but it seems that ginger and galangal keep their texture much better--i find the turmeric is less firm when defrosted... o, well, though--at least i have it!! making soup right now--all ingredients listed above plus lily buds, bok choy and scallions in stock.

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Susan W. October 27, 2015
That soup looks fabulous. I hope you'll post the recipe (or link it if you can). I would handle frozen turmeric the way I handle frozen ginger which is to microplane it into the dish while it's still frozen.
Nicole D. March 29, 2016
Hi! I recently came to Charlotte as well and I I found a turmeric farmer at the Atherton Market. You can get fresh turmeric from him on Saturdays :-) It's in South End nearby the new Anthropologie Store. Hope that helps!
Lindsay-Jean H. April 22, 2014
In Roots, Diane Morgan recommends the following:

"Wrap turmeric in a dry paper towel and place inside an unsealed plastic bag in the refrigerator. It will keep for 1 to 2 weeks. If you see any spots of mold, just cut them off, replace the paper towel, and use the remainder. For longer storage, you can slice, wrap, and freeze turmeric for up to 2 months; however it will lose its firm texture. Use frozen turmeric when a recipe calls for minced or mashed turmeric."
kimhw April 21, 2014
I slice both on mandolin and freeze in zip locks. I have notices and degradation in potency for cooking or teas.
HalfPint April 22, 2014
@kimhw, I would keep the turmeric whole when freezing. Whole tends to dry out less quickly. Doesn't take long to thaw enough to slice.
Maedl April 21, 2014
Thanks for the links! I had looked but did not find anything particularly reliable.
HalfPint April 21, 2014
For ginger, looks like freezing is fine,

As for turmeric, based upon the findings of this article with studies the medicinal benefits between fresh and powdered forms (freeze dried mostly), (02) 2010/IFRJ-2010-417-423_Yan_Malaysia[1].pdf

I'm inclined to think that any degradation is minimal; the powdered forms of the spice seems to have greater potency than fresh. From a cooking standpoint, freezing turmeric does not seem to affect the texture, flavor, or color, though old frozen turmeric is often dried out when not properly packaged for freezer storage.
Kaui August 14, 2017
That study you cited was for turmeric leaf this question is about turmeric root. It would be remarkable to find a study suggesting that dried had higher potency than fresh. That would certainly be a boon for commercial processors if true. It would also mean I wouldn't have to worry about storing the roots out of season which is why I'm looking for storing information.
Maedl April 21, 2014
Do you know how freezing affects the medicinal properties of ginger or turmeric? Or whether storing it so long decreases its potency?
HalfPint April 21, 2014
I usually freeze fresh turmeric. Should be good, well wrapped in a freezer bag, for 6-9 months.
Maedl April 21, 2014
I store it like I store fresh ginger, to which it is related--I just refrigerate without wrapping. I think it would probably keep well for a week or two.
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