What should I do with leftover salsa?

I made a big batch of salsa for a Cinco de Mayo party last night, and I still have a big tub of it in my fridge. What can I do with it, aside from topping chips and enchiladas and tacos and the like?

Marian Bull


lisina May 19, 2014
i like mixing it into tuna salad. my friends and i did in in college and i still loooooove the combo! or use it as a base for chili.
SBMCW May 19, 2014
cookinginvictoria May 12, 2014
Marian, salsa also freezes really well too, if you aren't able to use it all up in a timely manner.
ZombieCupcake May 8, 2014
Add some tomato juice and make Bloody Marys with some kick.
Bevi May 7, 2014
Serve with fish
pierino May 7, 2014
Include it in your breakfast burritos.
I would make Spicy Chicken & Black Bean Soup... http://beetsandbluecheese.com/?s=Salsa&submit=Search
nutcakes May 6, 2014
I have seen some recipes involving chicken, beer and a good amount of salsa. One in a crockpot to make shredded chix for tacos.
Kristen W. May 6, 2014
You can cook it with toasted rice and some chicken stock, then add diced veggies and some chorizo to the cooked rice for a nice taco filling. Did this the other day, adding diced zucchini and corn, which I let steam in the rice for the last little bit, to yummy effect.
Panfusine May 5, 2014
Blend it to make a chilled soup. or add it to chickpeas while cooking it up into Chana masala along with the other requied ingredients. stir it into Lentil dal while simmering it.

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Pegeen May 5, 2014
Huevos rancheros or a riff on shakshuka? Pulverize some with an immersion blender and add to a vegetable or tomato soup.
sexyLAMBCHOPx May 5, 2014
You can make some Mexican hash (Papas en Chile Rojo) for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Serve with some eggs and tortillas.
Carolina May 5, 2014
Bake eggs!
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