Are you going to ship to Canada?

I see many great gift ideas, as well as lots of stuff I would like to purchase for myself. Shipping to Canada would be awesome! I don't think I'm the only one that wants to buy stuff!

Jennifer Elmslie


Wendy September 19, 2015
Any update on shipping to Canada? I see the last posting on this was over a year ago. Would love to be able to buy things from Food52! And, yes, shipping via USPS is best!
Lauren K. November 7, 2014
Big Pan -- that is great advice for us, thank you! We mainly use UPS right now within the US for a variety of reasons, but that information about USPS is really helpful.
bigpan November 7, 2014
In shipping to Canada, please make one of the offers to use USPS - they are easy, simple and no hassle at the border.
Using UPS and FedEx the customer will be charged an automatic customs brokerage fee which can be in the range of $65 - which makes it useless to buy a $50 item when the landed price in Canada is more than double.
Andrea T. November 6, 2014
Looking forward to you shipping to Canada!
Caroline September 3, 2014
I second that! I hope you'll be shipping to Canada soon!!!! Any idea when??
Lauren K. September 3, 2014
Hi Caroline -- we're still not quite sure when, but appreciate that you're checking in about it! It's definitely on our wish list too. I've got my fingers crossed!
Antoine May 6, 2014
It is a good idea. Myself thought of it but for lack of time, I content myself with what there is nearby. A travel at the end of the year would be the best timing for me.
Lauren K. May 6, 2014
Hi Jennifer,

We love hearing from you -- and wish that we were at that point too. We're hopeful to be able to ship to Canada sometime in 2014, but unfortunately we don't have a set timeline, even within this year. There are a few more hoops to jump through than we'd imagined, but know that we're exploring what might be possible with the artists and merchants we curate our products from.

Hopefully we'll be able to grow and expand sometime soon -- fingers crossed that you won't have to window-shop forever!

Best regards,
Director, Customer Experience and Operations
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