Side dishes for an Argentine asado?

Someone else is already bringing salad.



bigpan May 10, 2014
I would consider a rice dish - perhaps a Spanish recipe with a bit of "heat" added to it...finely chopped jalapeno perhaps. Red and green pepper and onion dice for some color.
Or you could do similar with corn niblets - adding in the color of the peppers and the "heat" to your taste.
Traditionally the asado is served by itself on a platter, so this should work just fine for a "family style" service or buffet.
minipanda May 9, 2014
Great, thanks for your response!
FrancesRenHuang May 8, 2014
Something potato: baked or roasted. Grilled vegetables. Bread. And some sausages to grill. Cold cuts to start odd the asado. And lots of wine !
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