Vegetarian Side Dish Recommendation

We're having supper tomorrow night with good friends and offered to bring part of the dinner. They are serving quiche and mushroom soup and asked us to bring a salad and a vegetarian side dish. We're 4 adults and 3 teenage children. I'm good with the salad but stumped on the side dish. I thought about melissav's butternut squash, but my husband won't eat ricotta salata and isn't wild for pesto. I need something I can make ahead. And I'm working tomorrow, so I don't want it to be too much of a project. Can y'all help?

  • Posted by: drbabs
  • December 9, 2011


bigpan December 10, 2011
Probably too late for you, but this time of year kale is a heat side. Sauté in butter and olive oil with some garlic. Toss in some onion and pine nuts if you wish.
drbabs December 9, 2011
Thanks for all these great ideas!
Sam1148 December 9, 2011
A Mandarin Orange Rice Salad would be a nice counter point to the soup and quiche.

It's served cold or room temp and can be made ahead.
rldougherty December 9, 2011
What about cauliflower steaks? I make cauliflowers steaks with a caper vinaigrette. Slice the cauliflower ahead of time, brown it ahead of time, and place them on baking sheets, coat them in the vinaigrette and bake them at your friend's house. Here is my recipe

My other suggestion would be a veggie you can do in the crock pot. I recommend roasted garlic broccoli with hazlenuts from the blog "A Year of Slow Cooking"
Greenstuff December 9, 2011
This is a stumper, as the mushroom soup and the quiche are likely to be rich. Have you thought of going with two salads?
susan G. December 9, 2011
I'm making the chipotle-maple sweet potatoes for my company tomorrow --
They're quick, easy, delicious.
Bevi December 9, 2011
I have a dish that allows butternut squash with fingerling potatoes and green beans, but no pesto or cheese:

It is very good served warmish as well as hot.
hardlikearmour December 9, 2011
I'd suggest this:
A&M preferred it at room temperature so you could make it ahead, then just add the gremolata bread crumbs before serving.
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