I need food pairings for my cocktail club which is devoted to the Gin and Tonic. Any recommendations?

I am looking for snacky/appetizer/finger food that may pair well with Gin and Tonics...including things that could be made in advance? I was thinking spicy but I am at a loss for ideas.

Lisa Parker


amysarah May 9, 2014
Gin & tonics have a whiff of British Empire about them - I believe British colonials in India actually invented them, since quinine was used to treat malaria. So maybe take a cue there - serve samosas (easy with store bought puff pastry and baked, not fried.)Or purchase some papadums to serve with chutneys - Major Grey's would be appropriate, plus mint, coriander... most Indian markets have a good selection, if you have access to one. (This is making me crave a G&T and I don't even like gin - or rather, the gin-headache it invariably gives me!)
pierino May 9, 2014
I don't drink gin anymore but I used to really like the French 75. Oh well. I would suggest a cold spring roll, vietnamese style. What you put in it is up to you but it should include cilantro and mint. They are easy to make if you are patient.
Sam1148 May 9, 2014
That would great with cucumber as a nod to the English..and shrimp, rice noodles and the mint and cilantro. With a good spicy fish sauce based dipping sauce--with a touch of acid; lemon or lime or vinegar.
Sam1148 May 8, 2014
Lamb skewers. Cube up the lamb, soak in marinade of Yogurt, mint, terragon, oragano, garlic and lemon juice. Put on skewers and grill and serve with tazaki sauce.

"Fire Cracker Shrimp" is also very good and give you a chance to play with dipping sauces--and maybe take the flavor of entire event towards Thailand. http://www.steamykitchen.com/32655-thai-firecracker-shrimp-recipe-video.html
amysarah May 8, 2014
Not spicy, but it is made ahead - you could do gravlax made with juniper berries. Molly O'Neill's recipe even uses gin: http://www.nytimes.com/recipes/8989/juniper-flavored-gravlax.html
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