Bacon - Cocktail Appetizer - Suggestions needed

I have 1 lb of Trader Joes Uncured Apple Smoked Bacon. I'm planning to make a cocktail appetizer for Christmas Eve. I've made candied bacon before but I was thinking to glaze one side or both with Bee's Knee's Spicy Honey (Honey+ Chili Peppers). I was also thinking to twist them and bringing them in a nice glass for presentation. I plan on baking them off in the oven. Any ideas or feedback to improve this idea? Tons of wine will be flowing... Thanks.



QueenSashy December 21, 2016
The thing I would be worried about is not so much the honey flavor, but the bacon might not be able to crisp up as nicely as with brown sugar. But again, I have not made candied bacon with honey, so this is just a hypothesis...
sexyLAMBCHOPx December 21, 2016
I always second guess myself with the silliest, easiest, quickest recipes. This is just a nibble. Now I'm thinking maple syrup, brown sugar, chili pepper. I was thinking the honey would shellack the bacon.
QueenSashy December 21, 2016
Yup. I've seen recipes that do just that.
QueenSashy December 21, 2016
I usually sprinkle it with brown sugar (like it better than honey), and then cinnamon, smoked paprika and a pinch of chili pepper or chipotle. I serve them in a glass without twisting.
sexyLAMBCHOPx December 21, 2016
So you think spicy honey would be overkill? My usual is brown sugar + dijon mustard or brown sugar + chili powder. Trying to use this honey up! Thank you!
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