Preparing a class on Christmas cooking essentials and my brain is on fuzzmode

What do think I should include??! Things like cocktail bites, finger foods, desserts for a crowd - please help me get out from under the pause button!



luvcookbooks October 29, 2020
Some nice seasonal punch recipes, eggnogs, cocktails.
Maybe cookies,savory and sweet. Ham in biscuits with a fancy mustard or jam. Hand mince pies.
Nancy October 18, 2020
Smalltowngirl - maybe pick some themes and post them soon on a social media site for people to indicate which class they'd be most interested in taking.
Their reactions may then help you focus your planning.
Possible themes:
• Retro or traditional American
• Other national cuisines that have strong Christmas food traditions (Sweden, Italy, France...)
• Tailored to particular nutrients - vegan, GF, dairy free, etc.
• Menus for small gatherings under pandemic restrictions.
Wishing you success with your class(es)!
Smalltowngirl October 18, 2020
Awesome ideas! Thanks so much. Especially the pandemic ideas as well as diet specific. Officially out from under the fuzz 😁
Smalltowngirl October 16, 2020
I should have clarified - not Christmas DINNER more like Holiday parties.....thanks! See, fuzzmode.
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