cast iron fry pan vs. cast iron grill pan vs. plain heavy duty fry pan

which is better for vegetables, meat, eggs.



alygator January 30, 2018
I have all three! I am lucky to have inherited my grandmothers cast iron pan which is perfectly seasoned and I use it for savory cooking and for baking! It's my favorite kitchen tool. I even used it to press tortillas the other night! I do have a grill pan but it does not get used as much. It's much more of a bear to clean. I use it to grill chicken and cook down peppers and onions for fajitas but I truly get the same nice browning and char from my cast iron skillet.
LynnSomerstein January 30, 2018
Thank you Nancy.
Nancy January 30, 2018
9 times (or more) out of 10 I'd do for cast iron. Great even hear at wide range of temps, can go in oven, on stovetop or barbecue. Can be used to grill, bake or fry...
Nancy January 30, 2018
"Even heat"
Nancy January 30, 2018
Should have specified I meant fry pan...can do more with it than grill pan.
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