how much brown rice I need?

I have a total of about 17 people, adults, and teens, coming for two meals, 8 people for the first and 11 for the second. 4 lb. long-grain brown rice in the pantry. I usually make a simple pilaf. Mains are 1) braised veal roast and 2) roast chickens; side is Moroccan carrots. Starters are chicken soup for one meal and salad for the other. Brownies, coconut cream and berries for dessert.



creamtea May 10, 2014
Thank you both! Made a lot, following Monita's advice, but there are leftovers. There is also chicken broth so yes, there will be egg-lemon soup in our future.
bigpan May 10, 2014
Whenever teens are at the dinner table you can count on large quantities of food disappearing. So, make extra rice. You can always freeze it, or put into some chicken broth the next day for soup. Add some lemon and egg to the soup and you have a nice greek dinner with leftovers.
Monita May 9, 2014
1 lb of rice makes about 8 cups. If you figure a cup per person then I would make 2 lbs of rice.
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