Ideas for basil

Ideas for using basil for some thing else Then pesto?

Jenny Maria


lisina May 19, 2014
make a compound butter. blanch and shock your basil then squeeze out all the additional moisture. puree it in the food processor with room temperature butter and sea salt. its great on toast, veggies, grilled meats, you name it.
petitbleu May 19, 2014
I made some basil shortbread cookies last year, and they were super yummy: .
Basil butter is also delicious--just whip finely chopped basil with butter (you can add other seasonings or herbs if you like), shape it into bars, wrap in wax paper or parchment, and freeze.
I also made a basil and watermelon granita last year that was pretty delicious (sorry--not trying to self-promote! I'm sure lots of other folks have a similar recipe for granita that you could search for if this one doesn't strike your fancy):
No matter what you do, though, basil is best when it hasn't been cooked to death. It's flavor is very volatile and will disappear with much cooking.
I love basil! My favorite basil desserts: Bourbon blueberry basil cupcakes (a flavor match made in heaven!)
And rich raspberry basil shortbread (with a basil-infused brandy glaze):
Nancy H. May 14, 2014
Good with almost anything but especially with anything meaty or tomato-y. But fresh basil, like fresh cilantro, has an ephemeral flavor that tends to disappear with long cooking. For a tomato sauce, I add dried basil (yes!) to the initial mix, then stir in fresh chopped basil at the very end. For burgers, try mixing a lot of chopped basil with the meat before cooking. Because not a lot of heat reaches the center of the burger you'll still have that fresh spicy flavor when you bite into it.
Chef D. May 13, 2014
The Two Foodie Guys like to: 1- take fresh basil and berries or fruits of the season pulse in the food processor, 2- then press through a fine mesh strainer, 3- press a bit of water through and repeat until juice is rendered, 4- add a light ginger or cinnamon simple syrup to taste and then finish off with carbonated water. For our dinner parties this would be called the Two Foodie Guys Elixir!
Grey May 14, 2014
Basil salad, a must with crumbed fish and chips :-)a cup of basil leaves , a salad onion and tomato all rough chopped with a drench of tarragon vinegar.
Sophia R. May 12, 2014
Lime and basil sorbet - my dad has been making it for years and it is so so delicious!
Wish May 12, 2014
Basilcello! Delicious Basil Liqueur
HalfPint May 12, 2014
@Wish, got a recipe? :)
Wish May 12, 2014
Food 52 has a good basic one!
HalfPint May 12, 2014
Not a condiment, but
I make caprese skewers with Italian sausage, mozzarella bocconcini, & grape tomatoes with each separated by a small basil leaf.

If you want a seasoning or condiment, try crushing the basil with sea salt and maybe some lemon zest, garlic, for your own flavored salt that would be good on chicken, fish, eggs, etc.
savorthis May 12, 2014
I love basil in asian food and make various versions of this condiment: It is great on a rice bowl with grilled meat or fish, or sprinkled on top of a dish with coconut sauce.
Kristen W. May 11, 2014
Pulverize it (and other herbs, if you like) and mix with butter to make herb butter. You can roll the herb butter into a log, wrap it in plastic wrap and freeze it. Then you can just cut off pieces to thaw and use as you like. Stuffing it under the skin of a roast chicken is my favorite application!
cookbookchick May 11, 2014
Cook some fresh green beans. While they're cooking, melt some butter in a small pan letting it it cook until it is nutty brown. Cut or tear the basil into small pieces or a chiffonade. When the beans are done, drain them well, toss them in the browned butter and a little salt, add the basil, and serve. So delicious!
pierino May 11, 2014
Basil is an essential element of the pizza Margherita. Chiffonade or tear and sprinkle on the pizza as soon as it comes out of the oven.
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