Does real maple syrup have to be refrigerated? And does it have a shelf life? I know honey, though it may solidify, lady's indefinitely.



petitbleu May 19, 2014
Agree with mainecook61. Real maple syrup will grow mold if left out at room temp too long. However, if you go through maple syrup very quickly and buy it in smallish quantities, it's not imperative to refrigerate it. If you tend to buy larger quantities or just don't use it that often, definitely refrigerate it!

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mainecook61 May 18, 2014
Once you open it, you should refrigerate it or it will eventually grow a bit of mold on the top. (If that should happen, the mold can be skimmed and the syrup heated to kill any additional mold; the syrup does not have to be thrown out.) However, unopened, it has a long shelf life (years); the opened jug in the refrigerator will also last for a long time.
Trena H. May 18, 2014
Adianne - Yes, it does. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way.
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