I joined a local CSA (finally) about 2 months ago, and when I did, I vowed I would use everything I got in my bi-weekly share. No excuses, no qualms, just plunge in and USE the food. So far, I've been keeping my vow.

Well, this week, I got a bunch of epazote....about 6 healthy sprigs, each about a foot long, and covered in leaves. There is no way I will use all this before it rots, and I'd like to dry it and have it around for future experiments. With Christmas coming this week, experimentation time is at a premium. No beans are on my horizon until after the first of the year (well, maybe black-eyed peas for New Years), but my epazote will be slime by then, I fear.

I did throw a couple of leaaves into the pot of posole I made a couple of nights ago, and liked it. I'm intrigued by the taste/aroma, and want to keep it around. I see from searching the mighty Interwebs that I can dry the stuff....but...

It's going to be raining here in Sunny SoCal for the next week. Literally non-stop. Normally, I'd just tie the sprigs up and hang them in the garage and forget about them for a while, but well, the garage is really damp right now. The whole house actually is. Can I freeze them to preserve them like bay leaves? Or should I hang them from one of my furnace vents that blows hot air? When I looked at them earlier today, I could see that they're already looking a bit peaked.

Thanks in advance y'all !

  • Posted by: RobertaJ
  • December 19, 2010


AntoniaJames December 19, 2010
I'd dry it in a very slow oven . . . . about 105 or 110 degrees for a good long while. My oven manual has instructions for dehydrating. Perhaps yours does, too. Basically, you put the leaves on a wire rack over a baking sheet so the air can circulate and dry them efficiently. I haven't checked it though to answer this question, so I don't know what temperature is recommended. Good luck! ;o)
drbabs December 19, 2010
Have you read this: http://www.gourmetsleuth.com/Articles/Exotic-Herbs-Spices-and-Salts-639/epazote.aspx

Maybe it will give you some ideas. Good luck!
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