New Year's Food Supersitions

~Happy New Year!~
To start the New Year many believe eating certain foods will bring them good luck. I've always eaten oranges or tangerines, my dad told me they were good luck when I was a kid. Never doubted my I keep up the tradition!
Many make black eyed peas or lentils. I've not had either.
Do you have 'good luck' New Years Food traditions?
Wishing you all a very Happy, Healthy, New Year!



Kristen January 3, 2019
I personally don't eat seafood but for some reason it seems special and like to have that for my seafood lovers! Especially cocktail shrimp is a staple. I make my famous mushrooms (which I also don't eat - not a mushroom fan), but this year that didn't work out and I made grilled deer with a balsamic rosemary glaze! It was yummy and worked for me very well. Still trying to get some traditions down pat!
BerryBaby December 31, 2018
This is how mine turned out. Not too pretty but really good!
Thanks for the suggestion!
Happy New Year🎉!
PHIL January 2, 2019
They look great! Glad you enjoyed them. Happy New Year.
PHIL December 31, 2018
Photo as promised
BerryBaby December 31, 2018
Thank you!
Mine don't quite look like that.
I had chicken tenders and rolled them flat.
It's going to take a few more tries, but they taste amazing!
It's not letting me add a photo.
BerryBaby December 29, 2018
A relative reminded me of their tradition to eat pickled herring. I thinking that one works as they have had a fabulous year!
boulangere December 29, 2018
2018 has been quite the year, so for the New Year I'm planning to make a stew with BOTH lentils AND black-eyed peas.
BerryBaby December 29, 2018
Ha! Great idea! The pickled herring works for one of my relatives but I just couldn't do it. I'll stick with an orange and call it a night.
Liz D. December 29, 2018
Have always eaten black-eyed peas, just cooked with a ham shank, onions, celery, carrots, and a few red-pepper flakes. Back in 1999, when everyone was worried about the Y2K bug, I had a can of black-eyed peas with me at our motel, and a manual can opener, just in case!
BerryBaby December 29, 2018
That's funny!
PHIL December 29, 2018
350 , usually 20-25 minutes. I put them on a sheet pan. Once the cheese starts oozing out they are about done. The ones on the edges get that crispy cheese on them. Wish I have a few pics to send . each roll is usually about 2" wide. I like to use the drier mozzarella rather than fresh. I am prepping them Monday AM so will post some pics for you. Do you have instagram?
BerryBaby December 29, 2018
No InstGram
BerryBaby December 29, 2018
..sorry no Instagram or social media, just here!
PHIL December 29, 2018
Hi MMH, Your friend probably had roots in NYC. I've seen variations usually called spiedini alla siciliani We don't serve them on bread but I guess you could. We cut up thin chicken cutlets in 3 strips crosswise, dip them in olive oil and coat them in seasoned breadcrumbs and grated Parmesan. Then put a thin slice of ham and a cube of mozzarella and roll them up and put them on long skewers (spiedini means little spear). bake them in the oven. Sooo good, even better the next day.
BerryBaby December 29, 2018
I'm going to make these, Phil!
Have all the components...thanks, they sound delicious !
BerryBaby December 29, 2018
How long and what temperature?
MMH January 9, 2019
Check out Sam Sifton’s recipe in today’s NYT for spiedies from Binghamton!
PHIL January 9, 2019
MMH , I just saw it THANKS! similar concept. There is probably a 100 variations based on what part of Italy you came from or what part of NY/NJ etc.. you grew up in.
PHIL December 28, 2018
HI BB, I hope you have a Happy New Year! we always make "spedini" , A small chicken cutlet rolled up around ham and mozzarella and put on skewers. More for tradition then luck. FYI, did you know when you see oranges in the Godfather movies someone is about to be killed. Not so lucky for them....
MMH December 28, 2018
I would like to see you elaborate on this. I came to know about these from a friend who said this was local to Upstate New York. My friend called them spedi’s and served then on a hoagie roll.
BerryBaby December 28, 2018
Ha! Well, if they ate the oranges when they were lucky...New Years versus during the year... their luck may have been better!
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