I am making a classic baked rice pudding (cooked rice, raisins, eggs, milk and nutmeg). How can I add a caramel finish when it's done?

I don't have a kitchen blowtorch - otherwise I would have experimented with some kind of crème brûlée finish. I could make a caramel sauce but I was more thinking of something I could put under the broiler. Suggestions? (Or even loud cries of "Ooo, disgusting!"?)



HalfPint May 29, 2014
I think you could sprinkle the top with some brown sugar and then broil.
Westcoasty May 29, 2014
Thanks, HalfPint! I wasn't sure if that would work or not, but would be happy to give it a try since you suggest it as well. I was on the brink of making the pudding last night when another kitchen catastrophe struck (the joys of being a newbie) and by the time we got the fire alarms shut off for the third time...well, the pudding has not yet been baked! I will report back. :-)
Lucy May 29, 2014
Other than making a caramel and topping the rice pudding with it? I always think using brown sugar (dark muscovado is amazing for this) adds a beautiful caramel-y touch to any recipe, so if you're ok from deviating from the classic recipe slightly, that's the way i'd go. Enjoy!
Westcoasty May 29, 2014
Thanks so much, Lucy! I will give that a try.
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