Blood Sausage - cooking and serving

We have a friend coming over and she loves blood sausage. I have purchased some but have never cooked or eaten it. With any other type of sausage I would throw it on the grill then serve it with some spicy mustard. Is this the right approach for the blood sausage??



Declan June 2, 2014
Blood sausage (black pudding) is delicious if fried and served with Apple.
It's a chief constituent in the famous Irish breakfast. But, it's pretty difficult, in my experience, to get nice blood sausage in North America. Some of the required ingredients are not available here.
Demington May 31, 2014
Blood sausage if cooked and served well is delicious. I often order it when it is on the menu at good restaurants. French people eat it, so you might look in French cookbooks. I ate a wonderful dish of blood sausage at Restaurant Eve, and you might look at Cathal Armstrong's cookbook to see if he included his recipe. I hope you enjoy it.
rt21 May 31, 2014
You can also cut it into rings and grill it
Maedl May 31, 2014
Blood sausage is one of the few sausages I don't like, so I never cook it. However, it is usually fried in a pan--cast iron frying pan would be perfect. You would want to put some sort of fat in the pan so you get a nice color on the sausage. It is served with fried onions, mashed potatoes, and apple sauce. It is usually made when farmers are slaughtering cattle--a favorite dish for the occasion is blood sausage, liver sausage, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes, AKA a Schlachtplatte.
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