1/2 lb of bulk breakfast sausage left

I don't normally cook with sausage and I've found myself with 1/2 lb of bulk breakfast sausage (its ground sausage, not in links) left over from another recipe. Any suggestions on how to use it up? Something that can be made on a week night would be best. Thanks!

  • Posted by: ktr
  • February 27, 2016


ktr February 29, 2016
Well, my husband solved the dilema for me - he requested another batch of biscuits and gravy. This was the second time in my life I'd made biscuits and I have to say that this recipe turned out beautifully: https://food52.com/recipes/8240-buttermilk-biscuits-with-sausage-gravy
I used 1 cup all purpose flour and 1 cup of white whole wheat flour and the biscuits were flaky and wonderful.
LeBec F. February 28, 2016
the recipe that won the 52 'best in cleaning out your frig' contest- would be perfect for wknight dinner. For special treat, the Silver Palate ckbk, the red covered one, has a Park Ave Pate that is my fav and uses brkfst sausage.
702551 February 27, 2016
I would form small patties and cook for breakfast. Another option would be to mix with regular ground beef for meatballs. Either way, you could freeze them for future use.

You could also mix with veggies, etc. as ravioli filling, but that's too much work for me.
Sam1148 February 27, 2016
Fry it up on a pan with some flour and add some milk, salt and black pepper for sausage gravy.
Make up some biscuits for sausage gravy and biscuits.
Both those will store will in the fridge for reheating carefully in the microwave.

Also...Pizza. Or tiny red beans and rice.
ktr February 28, 2016
That's a great idea except biscuits and gravy is what I used the first 1/2lb of sausage for!
Christiaan February 27, 2016
You could fry it up in a pan and add some red sauce and put it over pasta!
AMM February 27, 2016
Love to make a weeknight frittata...brown crumbled sausage in pan, add any veggies (kale, spinach, leftover roasted veggies are great too), add beaten eggs, s&p, crumbled goat cheese, Gruyere or cheddar and bake until bubbly and a little crispy on top!
jakestavis February 27, 2016
i've found this recipe is easily adaptable to other types of sausage/potatoes etc https://food52.com/recipes/11128-merguez-and-sweet-potato-hash

also I love this lentil and sausage soup (also readily adaptable based on what you have in your fridge)
ktr February 27, 2016
Those both look good! I've only got half the amount of sausage the hash calls for but I think I'll give it a try this week. Thanks!
C S. February 27, 2016
Lentil soup or add it to chili, use with any dry beans that have been cooked up with vegetables and aromatics.
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