Recipes for garlic scapes please.


  • Posted by: Danee
  • June 8, 2014


Sheridan June 15, 2014
Here in China, fresh garlic scapes are used all the time in dishes. I posted a super simple recipe to my China cooking blog a little while back. It is really simple, but one of my favorite ways to eat garlic scapes!
Taylor S. June 13, 2014
I made Kenzi's garlic scape pesto ( this past weekend and it was brilliant.
smslaw June 12, 2014
Bloody Mary stirrers
sexyLAMBCHOPx June 8, 2014
Chop them up and blend in to cream cheese as a spread for bagels. I tried Melissa Clarks Double Garlic Soup (calls for scapes & green garlic) and it was very good.
JillNoelle June 8, 2014
Anything that you use garlic or scallions in. They are very versatile and excellent in eggs, savory scones or your favorite pasta sauce.

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Susan W. June 8, 2014
Grilled scapes are delicious too. Olive oil, salt, pepper. Grill a couple of minutesper side.
Susan W. June 8, 2014
My favorite is scape pesto. Just replace the basil with scapes. I love making "pasta" with zucchini and using the pesto as the sauce. You can add pinenuts to the pesto if desired, but I never do. It's great on chicken or fish too.
fearlessem June 8, 2014
I make a potato and garlic scape soup, much the same way you'd make a potato leek soup. I do advise straining it at the end after pureeing, as garlic scapes can be fibrous. But the flavor is great!
Erin E. June 8, 2014
garlic scape pesto? I've made it before and it's AMAZING!!!
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