What can I do with garlic scapes

  • Posted by: Annerw
  • July 1, 2018


Miss_Karen July 4, 2018
First you have to FIND them. ..The stores in Colorado just blink when you ask about them. I would make a sauce, then serve it over lamb.
Lori T. July 2, 2018
Chop them and use in a stir fry. Add them to a fritata. Puree them and add to butter to make wonderful compound butter, can freeze for later use as well. Pickle them like you would snap peas or green beans. Puree them with chickpeas to make hummus. Finely chopped with other herbs to make a vinagrette. Make a Korean style garlic scape salad. If you make kimchi, you can add them in with the other veggies.
AKC July 2, 2018
BerryBaby July 1, 2018
Use in soups, stews, sauces, under the skin of chicken then roast it, purée them and use in dips....
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