can I make pastry cream using coconut cream?

I would like to substitute coconut cream for the usual half-and-half in pastry cream for a Boston Cream Pie to make a parve dessert. Will it thicken properly?



mstv June 8, 2014
If the recipe calls for half and half I would use canned coconut milk (full fat, not light) to approximate the half and half the best.
creamtea June 8, 2014
Thank you!
mstv June 8, 2014
By coconut cream, do you mean the unsweetened product? If so, I have used that in pastry cream and it will thicken.
creamtea June 8, 2014
which do you recommend, the canned coconut milk, the small can of cream (which I can shake before opening) or the tetrapak refrigerated coconut milk. Either way I would use unsweetened.
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