Using Coconut Butter in Swiss or Italian Buttercream?

Hello Everyone,
I'm trying to make a coconut cake for my sisters birthday and while I have a great recipe for both the cake and the Swiss Buttercream both call for the use of coconut oil. While I have coconut oil and don't mind using it in the cake I've found in the past when recipes call for it the oil does not have the pronounced flavor of coconut the recipe claims to. Case in point I made a coconut cream pie where the coconut oil subbed in for butter in the coconut pastry cream and it was bland at best. The pie also had a "coconut caramel" bottom which also utilized coconut oil this had more of a coconut flavor but not by much I assume it was because the oil was added into the hot caramel. In that instance I used coconut flour to boost the coconut flavor which gave me the idea to use coconut butter, aka pureed coconut meat, in the butter cream but can't seem to find any solid suggestions on amounts. I've read that coconut butter is just like peanut butter and if nothing else I thought I could use a PB Italian/Swiss buttercream recipe and just sub the Coconut Butter.

I don't want to waste any ingredients and I don't have much time to experiment any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!



Nancy July 21, 2019
Most oils (except for those deliberately infused with herbs or spices) don't add a lot of fkabor to a dish.
I suspect it's due to the refining process.
I don't think using coconut butter will change the flavor either.
Maybe make the recipe as is, and add some coconut extract or liqueur for added flavor.
Nancy July 22, 2019
"don't add a lot of flavor"
Emma L. July 21, 2019
Hello! I'm not sure how coconut butter would fare as a substitute in an Italian or Swiss buttercream (though very curious to hear if anyone here has tried that). Here is a coconut cream frosting that could work well instead: It's just coconut cream, confectioners' sugar, and vanilla extract—so the coconut flavor should be very pronounced! You could also press oven-toasted coconut chips (the unsweetened kind) onto the frosted cake, right before serving, for even more flavor and texture; this looks so pretty, too.
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