Keeping meat warm

I'm making street tacos with chicken, pork and steak. Suggestions to keep these meats warm while finishing entire meal. Need about an hour

  • Posted by: Jo-ell
  • June 11, 2014


bigpan June 11, 2014
I'll assume you are not near electricity, so you can consider a "cooler". They can also work the opposite, that is, put in some hot pads (like an ice pack except they give off heat), wrap the hot meat in foil and put in the cooler/warmer and don't open the lid until you need the meat. If the cooler is pre-heated correctly and enough, it should easily keep things okay for an hour.
If you don't have hot pads, put some bricks in the oven at 250F, wrap in towels and put in the cooler/warmer. If you don't have bricks, use some clean rocks.
Susan W. June 11, 2014
Yum!! I would cover with foil and place it in a low oven. Add a little liquid to keep
it moist.
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