What do I put first inside my Victoria Sponge Cake, jam or (butter)cream?

What is best order of layering jam and (butter)cream on top of forts layer of a Victorian Sponge Cake? Jam first and them cream, or cream first and then jam. Which one will cause less "bleeding," and/or be more visually appealing? Thanks!

  • Posted by: Regine
  • June 11, 2014


Regine June 12, 2014
Susan, thanks so much. So it is basically jam first, then frosting, and then (maybe) jam again. For that one, I am wondering how "dexterous" I will be when putting the jam on the second layer and then flipping it over on top of the first layer. But I will try. Thanks! Regine
Susan W. June 12, 2014
You can do it. :) Your hands may get jammy while you support it, but that's okay. If it does break, no worries. Just cover the cracks on top with the buttercream and no one will know.
Susan W. June 11, 2014
Spread the jam on the cake itself and then the frosting. Then spread jam on top of the second layer and turn that over on top of the first layer. Then spread just frosting on what is now the top of the cake. The middle with jam, frosting and jam looks really pretty and just frosting on the top (so no jam) looks very clean. I hope that was clear. :)
Regine June 11, 2014
I meant on top of the first layer.
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