Making V-day cookies. The kind where you do a cut-out of one and then make a sandwich with jam--question is, do you put on the jam and sandwich the cookies before or after baking. The recipe isn't clear (damn you, Martha Stewart).

  • Posted by: mklug
  • February 10, 2011


Laura_K February 10, 2011
Linzer cookies are great! I actually bought new cutouts for them today! As posted, bake, spread, sandwich! Enjoy!
MaryMaryCulinary February 10, 2011
Bake the rounds and cut-out rounds first, then cool and sandwich them with jam.
jwolfsthal February 10, 2011
bake, spread, sandwich.
Splash O. February 10, 2011
I'm planning to make these for Valentine's Day, too! According to this Martha recipe (, you bake the tops and bottoms first, then spread the jam and sandwich them together afterward.
Rachel R. February 10, 2011
I've done it both ways. An advantage to using it after baking is that it won't melt and scorch.
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