I received a crock pot that's too large for me. How can I make sure the broth covers the meat? Should I double the liquid?

I almost wish I could make foil balls to raise the meat up !

  • Posted by: SAM
  • June 12, 2014


SAM June 13, 2014
EXACTLY the info i was looking for ! thanks so very much
Susan W. June 12, 2014
It won't change the cooking time, but I just realized what you meant by the foil balls. It was to cause the liquids to rise. You could add carrots, celery and an onion. Also, the only issue that could arise is that your liquid could boil away, so just be prepared to add some water if it reduces too much. I have a crockpot brand slow cooker which is famous for running hot, so I check on it. My Cuisinart brand (I am a slow cooker nut) cooks less hot.
Susan W. June 12, 2014
What are you making? I often use no liquid at all depending on the recipe. The only time I want the liquid to cover the ingredients is when I am making stock. People do use foil balls to raise meats off of the liner, but that would raise it out of any liquid. For example, slow cooked roast chicken. Also, you will find your slow cooker creates its own juices.
SAM June 12, 2014
the only recipe i've tried is a roast with 1 can of dr. pepper and 1 c of beef broth. i'm concerned that the directions state the cooking time may be off if the meat isn't covered at least 1/2 way.
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