Not a question, but something to share. i normally make my BBQ baby backs in the oven but wanted to do them so I did not have to watch them s

closely. I decided to use my crock pot but also did not want all the liquid that gets in the pot from condensation. To eliminate that I put 1/2 cup chicken broth in the pot, then the ribs cut down to fit the pot and rubbed with my homemade rub. To eliminate the excessive condensation I covered the crock with a clean terry cloth dish towel and placed the lid tightly on top. The ribs cooked for 12 hours on low. I placed them on a rimmed cookie sheet after removing from the pot and glazed them in the oven with my favorite commercial BBQ sauce and in about 10 minutes at 3 75 they were glazed perfectly.

I am going to try BBQ chicken using the same "towel" method and see if it comes out equally well.

Elaine Ruth
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1 Comment

cookbookchick September 7, 2012
Thank you for sharing your new technique!
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