Cast iron pan

Have I ruined my cast iron pan since I used it without seasoning it? What should I do now?

Food odyssea


Susan W. June 17, 2014
My cast iron arsenal. I bought the pan at a garage sale for 50 cents. It was a rusty mess. Now it's like teflon.
SMSF June 17, 2014
Diana B. June 14, 2014
Amanda's video on seasoning your cast iron pan:
jamcook June 16, 2014
To Food odyssea...since it was clear that they would need to be re seasoned , I soaked, and used steel wool, and some detergent, And a lot of elbow grease, Then re seasoned. I have heard of people putting them in self cleaning ovens, or using oven cleaner spray. You really can't kill them .
jamcook June 14, 2014
I rescued a bunch of old cast iron pans that were being thrown out when a relative's house was being cleaned out. I took off the rust and crud, and re seasoned them, and they are terrific!
I recently found out
that they are "Griswold Erie"pans .. About.100 years old, and apparently much in demand.
You cannot kill these guys, they just get better and better.
Look for old cast iron pans at yard sales , and at the dump. You will never be sorry .

Food O. June 16, 2014
How did you remove the rust and crud?
Panfusine June 14, 2014
There IS no such thing as being able to ruin a Cast Iron pan. Clean the surface of any food bits that may be around and give it a good slather with coconut oil and let it rest for a day. The more you use it, the better it gets seasoned.
Susan W. June 14, 2014
Many of them come pre-seasoned, but either way you did not ruin it. Just google how to season (there are a billion blogs and articles) and follow the suggestions.
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