Best way to season cast iron pan even after using it

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Pegeen October 24, 2013
Here's a helpful, recent column on this site:

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Denise,Smith-Weiss October 24, 2013
My grandmother NEVER used soap to clean the skillet. Just very hit water then dry it on low heat on the stove.
If you must re season, do it just like you did the first time. I have had my grandmother's cast iron skillet since 1992 and she had it before I was born. Oh, and she was from Texas. Used it every night.
Pinch&Swirl October 24, 2013
I agree. Once it's seasoned, no need to use soap. But some cast iron pans haven't been properly cared for and get so much gunk on them that they need to be restored.
Pinch&Swirl October 24, 2013
After a lot of trial and error, I think that flax oil is the best for seasoning. The first question you need to answer though it, how clean is it? Sometimes you need to start over with the seasoning process. Some people use something like oven cleaner. I prefer electrolysis with the bonus of a science project in your garage :) - If you're not familiar with this process, check this out.
sfmiller October 25, 2013
Very informative blog post, pinch&swirl. I particularly liked the McGyver electrolysis rig, although it seems like a bit of a production for someone who only wants to clean and reseason a skillet or two.

Have you found flaxseed oil significantly superior in seasoning cast iron? Sheryl Canter's piece on the chemistry of seasoning suggests as much, but I'm curious about whether the theoretical difference turns out to be significant in practice. I haven't tried it yet because food-grade flaxseed oil is so expensive.

Canter's piece, for those who haven't seen it, is the most accessible explanation of the science of seasoning that I've seen.
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