Over-brined chicken breasts

I over-brined last night's chicken breasts (they are inedibly salty on their own). Anything ideas for ways in which to use them--I'd hate to throw them out!

  • Posted by: SpaCook
  • June 19, 2014


Declan June 20, 2014
Stephanie got it ... Cheese will somewhat neutralize the salt
Lemon does this too
Stephanie June 19, 2014
Maybe add to a pasta or grain salad with lots other ingredients and taste everything together and add salt still only if it needs it?
Stephanie June 19, 2014
Or make some kind of fritters with them? Chicken, zucchini, no salt ricotta or other cheese?
Peter June 19, 2014
I'd say any kind of stew or braise -- anything where the chicken cooks for a long time in a larger mass of vegetables -- should balance out the saltiness. Just don't salt the rest of the preparation nad make a biiiiiig batch.
HalfPint June 19, 2014
You could try to make what is known as 'chicken floss', http://aggyandme.blogspot.com/2012/11/healthier-homemade-chicken-floss-ala-me.html

It's sort of a jerky condiment that we Asians love to sprinkle (lightly) over cooked rice or congee. I love it and would eat it all the time if the salt content wasn't too high!
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