Which side is the flesh side of salmon?



jo G. July 9, 2014
In German/Yiddish Flaisch (flesh) means meat, unlike in American English wherein flesh is what is on the outside. If you remember that flesh really means meat, you will always know the answer. One more thing about eating the meat of fish.....stay away from the gray which contains most of the pollutants absorbed by a fish. Cook and scrape away the gray flesh.
anne July 9, 2014
The "inside" da dum chuck! Sorry couldn't help myself.
Susan W. June 28, 2014
If it has no skin on it, you can tell where it used to be. The orange/coral colored side is the flesh side. The skin side will have remnants of the skin or silvery markings.
amysarah June 28, 2014
If you mean a salmon filet, the side without the skin - where the pink flesh is exposed (the side which would have been next to the bone, when it was still a whole fish.)
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