if my bolognese has 2 much salt. How can I reduce/save it?



testkitchenette December 20, 2010
Throw some cut up potatoes into the Bolognese...I have always done this when my sauces/soups are too salty...it's an old wives tale but I swear it works. Take potato out when done.
anyone December 20, 2010
It depends on how salty, but you can always add a little sugar to counter but don't sweeten the pot. Just add a little sugar at a time and taste each time. This saves soups and sauces as well that my not so experienced cooks over salt but like I said it depend on how oversalted.
nutcakes December 20, 2010
There really isn't anyway to get salt out. You can make another portion with no salt then combine.
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