how can you correct too much salt in a recipe



Anitalectric March 22, 2011
fry I. March 21, 2011
I never salt a stewed dish until the end of cooking just for that reason. Anything you cook over 20 minutes will get saltier, saltier - lets say more salty
ATG117 March 20, 2011
I would agree with student epicure. Make another batch or half a batch of the sauce, this time eliminating the salt entirely. Combine the two and, once mixed well, re-taste for salt. Hopefully at this point, it will no longer be too salty. If you need more salt, adjust carefully, waiting in between tastes to ensure your palate isn't fatigued. The good news is pizza sauce will freeze well, and its even easy to freeze in individual servings.
pierino March 20, 2011
The thing about salt is that you can put it in but you can't pull it out. Frankly I'm a skeptic of the sugar method. All you get is a taste that is both sweet and salty. The key thing is to taste for salt as you go and not use pre-measured quantities. Sugar can help counteract the acidity in tomatoes but it's no match for salt.
student E. March 20, 2011
over-salting is hard to correct. for pizza sauce, i would try diluting it with more of the essential ingredients: more tomatoes, a little more olive oil. don't try cooking it longer -- the more concentrated it becomes, the saltier it will be!
Pat E. March 20, 2011
Potatoes are supposed to absorb salt but I have never noticed it works that well. Double your other ingredients and save the extra sauce for next time.
debra_powell March 20, 2011
it was pizza sauce. I tried adjusting with sugar, but it lost that distinct pizza sauce taste.
littleknitter March 20, 2011
It depends - if it's something like soup, you can either add a little sugar or toss in some potatoes.
drbabs March 20, 2011
What did you make?
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