A question about a recipe: Saltie's Focaccia

I have a question about the recipe "Saltie's Focaccia" from Marian Bull. Can I make a half recipe? What kind of pan should I use?

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Saltie's Focaccia
Recipe question for: Saltie's Focaccia


Susan W. June 30, 2014
Because this recipe uses very little yeast, I would make the entire recipe and cut the dough in half and freeze the unused half. How fun will it be to have a ball of dough in the freezer ready to go. :)
Just use any cookie sheet to cook the half you use.
ZombieCupcake June 30, 2014
9x13 pans are available, if you don't already have one
Marian B. June 30, 2014
You could try, but I've always been warned not to halve or double the amount of yeast in bread recipes. If you do, I'd use a jelly roll pan!
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