what can I use to get the acidity out from my tomato veg soup

  • Posted by: Susan
  • July 1, 2014


mstv July 3, 2014
Puree some basil and cheese into it.
AntoniaJames July 3, 2014
Taking this in a totally different direction . . . not sure what context is here, but as a kid, I would crumble saltines into my soup, which always made it seem less harsh. Very low brow, but oh my, how delicious. (I crumbled saltines into everything I could find, by the way. In retrospect, it was the added texture, as much as the extra salt, that drove that habit.) ;o)
claire M. July 2, 2014
adding some grated carrot
Mimi July 2, 2014
I like mixing in some greek yogurt to make it creamier and give it less bite~
Janet July 2, 2014
Yogurt is acidic, so I don't think that would be a good choice.
Mimi July 3, 2014
I mean, yeah, but the creaminess still helps a bit-- I dunno, maybe I like a tangier tomato soup haha.
Maedl July 2, 2014
I would try adding dugar. I would be afraid the milk would curdle.
Maedl July 3, 2014
That's sugar, not dugar! PLEASE make an edit button!
Mario M. July 2, 2014
simply add a pinch of sugar, will reduce the acidity, also you can use some raisins. Will give an exotic touch and make the soup much sweeter :)
Trena H. July 2, 2014
I always add pureed roasted bell peppers to my tomato soup. I find they reduce the acidity of the tomatoes and add a lot of flavor.
Declan July 1, 2014
Brown sugar
Pegeen July 1, 2014
Are your tomatoes whole or in chunks in your soup, or pureed?
Susan W. July 1, 2014
Adding baking soda reduces acidity. Adding sugar or sweet vegetables like carrots will cover the acid taste. If you do the baking soda trick, add it 1/8th tsp at a time. If you go too far, it will taste very flat. I learned that from experience. :(
boulangere July 3, 2014
Baking soda will neutralize acids in your soup. Clearly, you don't want to do away with them altogether, as tomato soup should have a bit of a tang to it. Susan's advice to adde it 1/8 teaspoon at a time is spot on. Too much, and your soup will taste soapy. Yuk.
boulangere July 3, 2014
Make that "add," not "adde." We're not trying to go Shakespearean here.
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