I want to cook dinner but I have absolutely no ideas. HELP!

  • Posted by: Emily
  • July 3, 2014


drbabs July 7, 2014
Look up the Weeknights with Jenny columns.

Jenny is a NY Times reporter and writer who makes dinner for her family every night. She culls through Food52 recipes and comes up with great easy recipes for weeknight cooking.
Susan W. July 4, 2014
Besides what Hollis suggested, you can also use the search recipes function and simply type in an ingredient. You will get pages and pages of recipes using that ingredient.
Hollis M. July 4, 2014
Hi Emily! We have a lot of great columns on dinners, but the main one is our dinner tonight column ( -- we try to put together meals that are easy and quick to cook for a weeknight dinner. Hopefully this helps!
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