Icing and frosting

Does anybody have any good recipes for Icing and frosting that's not to sweet. My last cake was way to sweet and was a disaster

  • Posted by: Emily
  • July 3, 2014


Regine July 4, 2014
Sorry. It is called miracle frosting. Here it is.
Regine July 4, 2014
I mean you beat/whip the flour mixture with the butter .....
Regine July 4, 2014
I swear by the cooks country magical frosting recipe. Google it. OMG. It is the best. Like a whipped cream frosting and not too sweet. Made with flour and sugar that you cook with milk to a pudding like consistency. You then let it cool and best the hell out of it with butter which you add gradually.
maimai50 July 4, 2014
Italian buttercream
strawberrygirl July 3, 2014
There was a contest for frosting recipes on this site back in the fall. You can find the winner and the community picks at the links below. Several of these recipes were noted in the tasting notes as not being overly sweet.

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