Touched my hot steel pot to some plastic, now I'm stuck with it. How do I get it off?

Clear plastic stuck to the side of my pot in three or four places. I've considered heating it and trying to wipe it off with paper towel, but is there a better way?



Susan W. July 5, 2014
Like Sam, I used the hairdryer trick. It works great and easier to control than using an oven.
Sam1148 July 5, 2014
Use a hair dryer and lift it off with a straight edge razor blade.
boulangere July 5, 2014
Get it hot again by placing it upside down in a 350 degree oven until you can see that the plastic has softened, then remove it and wipe it firmly over a couple of folded paper towels. I can't tell you how many times I've done this.
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