Grapefruit juice fermented in my fridge. Still okay to drink?

I bought some juice from trader joes a little over a week ago and now the juice has some fizziness to it. I'm assuming this is from natural fermentation. It taste and looks fine. Should I drink it?



bigpan July 6, 2014
Why bother trying to save a dollar versus half a day/night in the bathroom !
Leslie J. January 30, 2019
I have many scobys in my fidge from brewing kombucha. I think it has been turning my juices fizzy. Tastes good. I'd like my kombutcha to get that fizzy!
ChefJune July 5, 2014
I wouldn't drink it.
ATG117 July 5, 2014
Susan W. July 5, 2014
Fermentation requires yeast. A week doesn't seem long enough to start the sugar to alcohol process. That actually can make you sick. I would take it back. What is the expiration date?
Anri M. February 4, 2017
My grapefruit juice expires in exactly four days. It does, however, have a sour smell and fizziness to it. At the bottom of the bottle, it has a bit of milkiness to it. It tastes normal when I drink it, except of course the fizz that comes along with it. Should I just toss it away?
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