Grapefruit candies? Does anyone have any idea how to make the grapefruit candies that come out after dessert at Del Posto? Or recipe for similar?

It’s this candied grapefruit, but it almost just tastes like a partially dehydrated grapefruit with some extra sweetness and chew.



inpatskitchen July 19, 2019
If you do a google search : The Del Posto Cookbook you'll find a recipe for this. I'm trying to get the link but don't know if it will work
inpatskitchen July 19, 2019
Sorry about the link not working but the recipe is out there
paperuser678 July 22, 2019
The recipe is not in the Del Posto cookbook, but thank you for trying.
cranberry July 30, 2019
Did you even bother to try the URL inpatskitchen posted? Because the recipe is there.
paperuser678 July 30, 2019
I think you are both correct. I could not view any part of the recipe from the link. But I redid the search and I can see the end of the recipe, and it is the recipe I think. I will probably buy the book. Thanks for making me check again.
Sipa July 19, 2019
I would guess that it is a pate de fruit. Look for a recipe for that.
paperuser678 July 19, 2019
It’s not a pate de fruit. But thank you for the suggestion.
Emma L. July 19, 2019
Hi! Not sure about Del Posto specifically, but here's a great guide from Alice Medrich on how to candy citrus peel:
paperuser678 July 19, 2019
I’m more looking for candying the fruit not the peel. Thank you though.
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