How much would 2 pints of cherry tomatoes weigh? I have no idea how to measure 2 pints of tomatoes.



ATG117 July 6, 2014
Or you can just eyeball and be imprecise. The pasta will turn out just fine.
Merrill S. July 6, 2014
Cherry tomatoes are often sold by the pint, so you can just pick up two containers. Or simply measure out 4 cups, as Susan W suggested.
Mister K. July 7, 2020
While this is the correct way to purchase cherry tomatoes, it is not the correct way to measure them. Cherry tomatoes are, indeed, sold in a pint. This pint, though, is a "dry" pint and will not measure 2 cups of tomatoes.
Karen H. February 28, 2021
Selling cherry tomatoes in pints must be an American thing. In most- if not all- European countries- only liquids are measured in pints. All types of tomatoes are sold by solid weight
Susan W. July 6, 2014
Since pints are volume and not weight measurements, just measure out two cups per pint. Cherry tomatoes differ in weight, so using a measuring cup is the way to go.
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