What protein would you recommend adding to the pasta?

This recipe looks great! I am making for a crowd and want to add a protein to the pasta. Shrimp seems like an obvious add, but are there other proteins you've used? Pancetta, sausage, chicken?

  • Posted by: PEH
  • August 2, 2020


HalfPint August 3, 2020
Try fresh picked crab meat or pan-seared scallops.
Nancy August 2, 2020
Personally, I like a whitefish with corn and tomatoes.
However several of those (bass, cod, one other) and shrimp are in the top 5 most common allergies. And some don't meat.
So choose what you like, what's affordable for the crowd, what you know people like.
And maybe serve it separately (not mixed in with the pasta dish), so still edible by all.
Nancy August 2, 2020
Should have read: and some don't eat meat.
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